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Infinity Black LED Headlights

Jeep has brought around a successor to its Jeep Cherokee with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. All the ruggedness and adventurous feeling while providing the luxurious comfort into the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Through all the adventures you have gone on, aging has set in and might have affected the lights with yellowing and haziness. It is time to replace your old headlights with our newly designed LED headlights. With these brand new headlights, bring out your adventurous spirit and explore new roads today. These newly designed Philip's Super-Flux LED headlights will certainly change the way you see by shining wider and far more accurate light beams.
    Product Type | Reflector Headlights
    What's In The Box | Pair - Driver & passenger side
    What You Might Need | Re-use original bulbs - High beam, low beam, signal, parking, side marker
    Color | Infinity Black - Matte black housing with transparent clear lens
    DOT & SAE | Approved street legal by DOT (Department of Transportation) & SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
    Brand Spyder Auto
    Warranty 60-Days
    LED Brand | Nichia - Made In Japan
    High Beam | Re-use original 9004 bulbs
    Low Beam | Re-use original 9004 bulbs
    Signal | Re-use original 1295 bulbs
    Parking | Re-use original 194/168 bulbs
    Side Marker | Re-use original 194/168 bulbs


    Philips Superflux LED
    Brightest led lights that shine through anything the environment throws at you
    Micro-Prim Reflectors
    Using micro-prism technology to alert any driver the presence of your vehicle
    DOT / SAE Approved
    Follows and abides by the strict guidelines set by the DOT and SAE standard

    Attention | If Your Jeep Have Electronic Headlight Aim Adjuster, Then That Function Will Fail To Work. Most U.S. Models Don't Equip This Function

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