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[Daytime Running LED Strip] Infinity Black Projector Headlights

Handling corners with precision and extreme speed can be an exhilirating experience. With the Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Jetta, the hatchback/wagon has all the looks of a German manufactured car. Hatchback design to provide a design that makes you want to cruise the coast. But don't go anywhere with those yellowing headlights on your vehicle. It can be a safety issue and new headlights can mean the differnce between life or death. New projector headlights will defintely change the road by brightly lighting it up with far more accurate beams. Not only bright but providing you a different styling to turn attention to your vehicle.
    Product Type | Head Light
    What's In The Box | Pair - Driver & passenger side | Bulbs Included - Turn signal
    What You Might Need | Re-use original bulbs - High beam, low beam
    Color | Infinity Black - Matte black housing with transparent clear lens
    DOT & SAE | Approved street legal by DOT (Department of Transportation) & SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
    Brand Spyder Auto
    Warranty 60-Days
    High Beam | Re-use original H7 bulbs
    Low Beam | Re-use original H7 bulbs
    Signal | PY21W bulbs included


    Optic Light Bar
    Newest fiber-optic neon tube adds a touch of modern style
    Micro-Prim Reflectors
    Using micro-prism technology to alert any driver the presence of your vehicle
    DOT / SAE Approved
    Follows and abides by the strict guidelines set by the DOT and SAE standard