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[Neon Tube] Phantom Smoke LED Tail Lights

Passat is a German manufactured midsize car from Volkswagen with an impressive performance. The Volkswagen Passat can provide the turns and speed feeling that you desire. But one thing that can be a stopping factor while you drive is the yellowing tail lights Yellowing tail lights can dramatically reduce others visibility of you, so get these new clean, Philip's Super-Flux LED tail lights to light up the road behind you. With brightly lit, neon tube tail lights that provide with better, wider, and accurate light beams, safety that comes with cool styling.
    Product Type | LED Tail Lights
    What's In The Box | Pair - Driver & passenger side | Built In LED - Brake, parking, turn signal
    What You Might Need | Re-use original bulbs - Reverse, rear fog
    Color | Phantom Smoke - Shimmering chrome housing with smoke lens
    Brand Spyder Auto
    Warranty 60-Days
    LED Brand | Nichia - Made In Japan
    Brake | Built-In LED
    Parking | Built-In LED
    Signal | Built-In LED
    Reverse | Re-use original 1156 bulbs
    Rear Fog | Re-use original 1156 bulbs


    Optic Light Bar
    Newest fiber-optic neon tube adds a touch of modern style
    Philips Superflux LED
    Brightest led lights that shine through anything the environment throws at you
    Micro-Prism Reflectors
    Using micro-prism technology to alert any driver the presence of your vehicle
    2001-2005 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5.5
    BASE | GLS | GLX | W8

    Attention | Not Compatible with 4-Door Sedan Model