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Phantom Smoke Headlights

Chevrolet Impala is the full sized vehicle that had a long generation of vehicles that goes back to the late 50s. With all the classical design, the Impala has been improved with more luxury while providing the raw power. But as all good things come to the age and breaking down of parts such as the headlight. Now is the time to replace the headlights with a new clean lens, better parabolic chrome interior headlights that can provide wider, far more accurate light beams. Brighter beams of light will give you security when you are driving down those dark highways.
    Product Type | Reflector Headlights
    What's In The Box | Pair - Driver & passenger side | Bulbs Included - High beam, low beam, turn signal, parking
    What You Might Need | Tools For Installation
    Color | Phantom Smoke - Shimmering chrome housing with smoke lens
    Brand Spyder Auto
    Warranty 60-Days
    High Beam | 9005 bulbs included
    Low Beam | 9006 bulbs included
    Signal | 3157NA bulbs included
    Parking | 3157NA bulbs included


    Mirror Chrome Housing
    Engineered with incised reflectors to project the most optimal illumination
    Micro-Prim Reflectors
    Using micro-prism technology to alert any driver the presence of your vehicle
    Industry Strongest Lens
    3-layer polycarbonate coating for durability against harsh weather and impact
    2000-2005 CHEVROLET IMPALA
    BASE | LS | SS