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[Daytime Running LED Strip] Sinister Black Projector Headlights

Volkswagen Jetta is a compact vehicle that provides all the lush luxury feeling while providing some sport feel. The Jetta can provide the turns and speed feeling that you desire. But one thing that can be a stopping factor while you drive is the yellowing headlights. Yellow headlights can dramatically reduce your road vision, so get these new clean lens projector headlights that will provide optimal road vision. Brightly lighting up the road with better, wider, and accurate light beams. Safety that comes with cool styling.
    Product Type | Head Light
    What's In The Box | Pair - Driver & passenger side | Bulbs Included - High beam, low beam, turn signal
    What You Might Need | Tools For Installation
    Color | Sinister Black - Matte black housing coupled with sinister smoke lens
    Brand Spyder Auto
    Warranty 60-Days
    High Beam | H7 bulbs included
    Low Beam | H7 bulbs included
    Signal | PY21W bulbs included


    Philips Superflux LED
    Brightest led lights that shine through anything the environment throws at you
    German-Made Projectors
    Focused power light source to output a brighter illumination projector globe
    Industry Strongest Lens
    3-layer polycarbonate coating for durability against harsh weather and impact